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Lakme 9 to 5 Foundation Review : Marble

Hello My Pretty Girls!!
 I'm really sorry to be very very.. late for reviewing this product. I think may be i'm the last one to review this product. I wanted to do it before but was very busy with the schedule. This is my first review about a product on my blog. So excited to this and hope you will love this.
So, finally today I decided to go for it. So I went over and bought this product from store near by my house. I had been using this product since 1 month and I loved it.
Though i'm not much a fan of foundations but really wanted to give this one a try. I never wear foundations except some important family functions,parties,marriages only.
On daily basis i use my sunscreen + Ponds BB cream (a very popular product these days)*khii khii* If u want a review on Ponds BB Cream please comment below. So coming to the point i.e. my opinion about this product. 
Outer Cover

Shade : Marble

Price : Rs.450 (But I got at price 400/-)

Quantity : 30 ml

Shell Life : 30 months

                           *******************COMPANY CLAIMS**********************

                                   ****************WHAT I SAY***************
As you all know Indians don't have much faith on Lakme Company but still I love Lakme very much. I use almost all of their products. First of all if I talk about their packaging,it comes in a cute baby pinky color cover and inside it there is a sleek glass bottle with a pump. 
I am not very fair but  not that dark too.But the best part is this foundation matches my skin-tone very well.Now when i applied it for the first time on my face, I was sad because it made my skin very dry. Although I have combinational skin but then also. But next time before applying the foundation I applied good amount of moisturizer and then applied a small amount of the product and blended it very well. I must say it will take time to blend this but after completion your face will appear flawless.It smudges very well. It is non-greasy and can stay upto 10 hours (for me). 
After applying a small amount of product I always use compact powder to set it well and also carry the compact along with me for Touch-Ups.I love this foundation very much.
A drop of product

After Application

This foundation works very well. It does not melts or vanishes even after 9-10 hours.I give thumbs up to this product. 
  • Water Proof
  • Non-Greasy
  • Long Lasting
  • Pump Packing
  • Suits Wheatish Skin-toned girls very well
  • Blends very well and makes skin smooth 
  • None for me :)
RATING : 4/5

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN? : Yes, Of-course.
I hope this review would help you. If so, Please like, rate and comment below. It would encourage me to carry my work a step forward.

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