Sunday, 16 February 2014

Beauty-My Passion

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I'm Manisha a cute girl, with cute heart, lovely smile *khi khii* I talk alot about myself..21 years old. I'm very passionate about makeup,cool accessories and all that stuff. I've a very cute collection of makeup,accessories which include bags,hair accessories,belts,earrings,necklaces and so on but still its just the start... I saw many girls owing blogs,YouTube channels and i was really impressed with their hard work. And one night i also decided to own my blog.. and so I'm here.
 Actually i don't know what to write but my #passion# keeps me ON to write & write... Being a girl from a small town it is quite amazing for me to own my BLOG. Since people here find makeup blogs quite weird.. i think actually dey r weird.. You also agree na!!! But i wanna convey to all gals around the globe that pls plsss follow your heart,like me:)
Hope that you are not getting bored.. hehehe I hope that you would like me to write more and even i want it too.
I will very soon show you room -my collections which i'm increasing day by day.. I just love it.My mom keeps on scolding me since i spend my money lavishly on for makeup n all that stuff. 
Also i own a quite good(*i think so*)collection of apparels,shoes. (*Again*)I just love it <3
So please do write to me if you want to hear more from me ,if you wanna see my collections i promise i'll try to satisfy all the gals who think that makeup is not their sight.Since i was also one from you.I'm a simple girl just like you so lets just get together and share our thoughts.
I would love to share my experience about various indian beauty products n affordable too.
Also pls do comment any suggestions for my blog,any improvement etc. I'm eagerly waiting for your responses.
Manisha Sobti

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