Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lakme 9 to 5 Foundation Review : Marble

Hello My Pretty Girls!!
 I'm really sorry to be very very.. late for reviewing this product. I think may be i'm the last one to review this product. I wanted to do it before but was very busy with the schedule. This is my first review about a product on my blog. So excited to this and hope you will love this.
So, finally today I decided to go for it. So I went over and bought this product from store near by my house. I had been using this product since 1 month and I loved it.
Though i'm not much a fan of foundations but really wanted to give this one a try. I never wear foundations except some important family functions,parties,marriages only.
On daily basis i use my sunscreen + Ponds BB cream (a very popular product these days)*khii khii* If u want a review on Ponds BB Cream please comment below. So coming to the point i.e. my opinion about this product. 
Outer Cover

Shade : Marble

Price : Rs.450 (But I got at price 400/-)

Quantity : 30 ml

Shell Life : 30 months

                           *******************COMPANY CLAIMS**********************

                                   ****************WHAT I SAY***************
As you all know Indians don't have much faith on Lakme Company but still I love Lakme very much. I use almost all of their products. First of all if I talk about their packaging,it comes in a cute baby pinky color cover and inside it there is a sleek glass bottle with a pump. 
I am not very fair but  not that dark too.But the best part is this foundation matches my skin-tone very well.Now when i applied it for the first time on my face, I was sad because it made my skin very dry. Although I have combinational skin but then also. But next time before applying the foundation I applied good amount of moisturizer and then applied a small amount of the product and blended it very well. I must say it will take time to blend this but after completion your face will appear flawless.It smudges very well. It is non-greasy and can stay upto 10 hours (for me). 
After applying a small amount of product I always use compact powder to set it well and also carry the compact along with me for Touch-Ups.I love this foundation very much.
A drop of product

After Application

This foundation works very well. It does not melts or vanishes even after 9-10 hours.I give thumbs up to this product. 
  • Water Proof
  • Non-Greasy
  • Long Lasting
  • Pump Packing
  • Suits Wheatish Skin-toned girls very well
  • Blends very well and makes skin smooth 
  • None for me :)
RATING : 4/5

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN? : Yes, Of-course.
I hope this review would help you. If so, Please like, rate and comment below. It would encourage me to carry my work a step forward.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Small Jewelry Haul- YOU SHINE

Hello sweet gals!!!!

Again a very big thanks to all of you to encourage me via e-mails,comments etc.I'm really excited (*AGAIN*). I'm very funny too sometimes.. But anyways let me come to the point.
 Today after attending a hectic day at college when i arrived home,i saw a parcel lying near my bed & as soon as i saw its logo it said ^YOU SHINE^,i was excited(*ONE MORE TIME :*) hehehehehe

I found a very cool website for jewelry and that stuff etc.. And the best part of this website is that it is really affordable.I just loved all the designs of accessories they have included. But obviously i cannot order everything so i placed at that very moment few piece of my need.. 


The packaging was really superb,they had packed very well so that there could not be any loss to item. And they shipped it on time too.So my first experience was very nice.

Basically i ordered two piece of earnings, one necklace and one belt. The accessories are really nice,quality is superb. The accessories are really affordable.I also tell you that if you want to have cheap as well as nice accessories then must visit this website. The link i have mentioned above.

I hope that you might have liked the jewelry. If so,do comment below. I'm always waiting for your comments. It's really cheap and affordable haul anyone can afford,especially young girls.Go & checkout the site and share your experience below.
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Beauty-My Passion

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I'm Manisha a cute girl, with cute heart, lovely smile *khi khii* I talk alot about myself..21 years old. I'm very passionate about makeup,cool accessories and all that stuff. I've a very cute collection of makeup,accessories which include bags,hair accessories,belts,earrings,necklaces and so on but still its just the start... I saw many girls owing blogs,YouTube channels and i was really impressed with their hard work. And one night i also decided to own my blog.. and so I'm here.
 Actually i don't know what to write but my #passion# keeps me ON to write & write... Being a girl from a small town it is quite amazing for me to own my BLOG. Since people here find makeup blogs quite weird.. i think actually dey r weird.. You also agree na!!! But i wanna convey to all gals around the globe that pls plsss follow your heart,like me:)
Hope that you are not getting bored.. hehehe I hope that you would like me to write more and even i want it too.
I will very soon show you room -my collections which i'm increasing day by day.. I just love it.My mom keeps on scolding me since i spend my money lavishly on for makeup n all that stuff. 
Also i own a quite good(*i think so*)collection of apparels,shoes. (*Again*)I just love it <3
So please do write to me if you want to hear more from me ,if you wanna see my collections i promise i'll try to satisfy all the gals who think that makeup is not their sight.Since i was also one from you.I'm a simple girl just like you so lets just get together and share our thoughts.
I would love to share my experience about various indian beauty products n affordable too.
Also pls do comment any suggestions for my blog,any improvement etc. I'm eagerly waiting for your responses.
Manisha Sobti